For Colored Girls who have two cats when one was enough..

I have two cats..a juvenile cat named Moses and an adult named Brody.  They are for now my children, and I guess like most single mothers of two boys I have some complaints and issues.  Brody was an alley cat that my bestie Lisa took in and she realized he was too much for any human being and suggested that I take him.  A year prior I surrendered my cat of almost 10 years to a shelter because he was sick and I could not afford to help him at the time.  It broke my heart, even now I cry thinking about it (don’t judge me).  So..I was not thinking about another cat, until that fateful evening I saw a mouse run across my kitchen floor..welp, I went and got Brody the next day.  (Brody found the mouse, killed it, and I think ate its head)

Now, Brody was and is a completely different animal then my Charlie.  Charlie was a fat, hairy beast, who did not want to be petted, who did not snuggle, and only interacted with me when it was time to eat or when I was sitting on the toilet (I still don’t know what the deal is with the toilet, maybe because I’m sitting?) But if I was sick, or dealing with one of my blue periods, he would come and sit close to me and just be there.  Brody..OMG, I could and cannot love that cat enough, he constantly needs attention..and every fucking morning at 5am he decides to sing me the song of his people.  Brody, being a former alley cat knew how to climb into my garbage can and take out chicken bones from the night before, not disturbing the garbage or anything else in the garbage can, just the bones.  He would eat his food so fast he would throw it up, and then eat it again..he would cry all day long to go outside and many a day he would escape when I opened the front door.  It was suggested to me by Lisa that I get another cat for Brody and maybe that would calm him down.  So, finally I did..and oh what a joy that has been.

Moses…how can I describe him, if you have a nephew, son, or student in your classroom that you know need ritalin or adderol, or anything that will make him calm the fuck down, you will do anything for him to get his medicine right? Moses needs kitty ritalin.  Open any door in this house or in my apartment and he will run through it before you know he came through the door.  He enjoys jumping on me and sitting on  my chest, all..the..TIME! He as torn up my shower curtain, he chases hanging clothes on the back of any door, instead of playing with cat toys, he takes any small utensil and makes that into a cat toy (pens, zip drives, jewelry, plastic utensils,tooth brush, hair ties, hair clips, bobby pins, remote controls, etc.) he has knocked down my basket of soaps and shampoos in the bathroom so much I just leave it on the floorIMG_0939IMG_0936, he chases flies and eats them, his poop will make you gag, I clean the litter box twice a day, I buy the plastic bags from the grocery store now just for the poop.  There are so many things that the little cat does that drives my crazy, he is fortunate that sending him back to the animal shelter is not an option because I am too soft hearted, and will probably go into a deep depression the likes of which will require me to go on medication that will interfere with my diabetes medicine and kill me.  So..the shelter is not an option all I can do is hope he mellows out with age..

Brody on the other hand, is now the mellow one..he does not like me petting him anymore, he no longer sings the song of his people, and he only bothers me when it’s time to eat.


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I am someone with something to say..I have failed at so many things in life I am going to try this. Maybe gain confidence and really say what I want to say, you feel me? Oh...I'm a geek so I will sometimes write about some of that stuff.

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