Never Trump

About two weeks ago my mom told me that the Rev. Al Sharpton was going to march on Washington to protest the inauguration of the president elect.  I was excited and decided to sign up and go, why not? I think this election is the ushering in of the anti-Christ, but I digress, I am  marching in D.C. on January 21.  My mother has also decided to go and she is all excited about it…as my mother always does she tells EVERYBODY..(drives me to distraction, but she is my mother, I keep quiet) An evangelist friend of hers has challenged her and asked her an important question, why? what will marching accomplish?

With all this being said, I understand if she doesn’t go, but I am, and here is why.  I thought long and hard about why would I do this? what am I doing as a black woman marching with all these bleeding heart liberal white chicks, who I am sure will start with that I don’t see color crap…This election has shown me what I have always known but refused to acknowledge, that hate is real.  This entire year I have watched the debates, read the news articles on line, and stayed informed.  So much ugliness has come out of this election and that hate has elected the most unqualified, undignified, idiot as the leader of the free world and it boggles the mind.  This trip I will learn new ways to network and learn how to make sure that I keep that person accountable.  I don’t know where to start, how do I become an activist? how do I better help my community and make sure we don’t regress back to 1950?  This is why I am going…that and I have to let the world know, this guy is a dick..


About sdbohanon

I am someone with something to say..I have failed at so many things in life I am going to try this. Maybe gain confidence and really say what I want to say, you feel me? Oh...I'm a geek so I will sometimes write about some of that stuff.

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